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Marine Cargo Insurance:
please check the goods right on delivery-time against damaged and probably missing goods and please make a written remark on papers against the delivery-company (forderwarder/haulier/courier),
so that the cargo-insurers can file a successful recourse later on.
claim-declaration incl the correspondence concerning responsible parties as well as freight-papers and shipment-invoices etc to be brought forwarded to the insurance-company and / or INTERSECUR-SERVICES

Fair and Exhibition Insurance:
in case of loss or damage please contact INTERSECUR. In case of Theft please arrange police-declaration and inform the fair- and exhibition-management.

Transport Liability:
So far you are not the acting carrier and not responsible for the damage, please held your sub-contracters responsible for the claim.
Inform your customer/client about the further steps and declare the claim to your liability - insurers or to INTERSECUR